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Watch ‘Love & Hip Hop: New York’ Season 6 Episode 2 Online Live Stream

Dec 20, 2015 10:45 PM EST | By Sherylyn Toda
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Watch ‘Love & Hip Hop: New York’ Season 6 Episode 2 Online Live Stream
(Photo : Alberto E. Rodriguez | Getty Images Entertainment )

Watch "Love & Hip Hop: New York" season 6 episode 2 online live stream titled "Secrets and Lies" here.

Following its huge premiere last week, "Love & Hip Hop: New York" is back for its second episode for season 6.

New comers for the hit reality show have already been introduced last week, but tonight the focus will be on the OG stars.

Also, fans got a glimpse of the love triangle between Peter Gunz, Amina Buddafly and Tara Wallace and more of the drama will unfold in tonight's episode.

Tara will finally confront Peter of his ongoing relationship with Amina.

"I got both these women living in the same building, and I knew they were bound to bump into each other at some point," Peter said to greenroom cameras in the sneak peek. But based on the look on Tara's face, I guess that meeting wasn't so neighborly. I can only imagine it has everything to do with your's truly." 

Furthermore, Tara is confused why Amina keeps on asking her questions about Peter, when the latter claimed that he is single.

"I don't know what you tell the girl when you guys are at home. However, what you said to me was that you guys are not together. And me sleeping with you or whatever the case may be -- I don't owe nobody anything -- however, I don't like that you just flat out lied. Like what's going on?" Tara asked.

"My thing is why do you care?" Peter asked.

"I care because I don't wanna be in your mess," Tara said.

"The truth is I'm never there. I'm on the couch. We don't hardly sleep together. It's not like that," Peter confessed.

"So she knows that you guys are not like that?" Tara asked. "Does she know you guys are not like that or not?"

"She knows that we not like that, but she doesn't know that we're not together. She ain't happy. Nobody happy in this motherf**ker," he replied.

"Let me tell you something Peter. I'm not up for your games. I didn't move here for this," Tara said. "What I'm trying to do is eliminate myself out of the f**kery that you and her have created. I moved up here for our f**king kids! Not for you to f**k around with my emotions and my feelings like I'm not a human! That's why the f**k I moved!"

"I have given a lot to two people who don't deserve it. The least you can do is be f**king truthful. Don't lie! I only agreed to do all of this because you said that you were not with her," she continued.

While Peter wanted to know where do they stand after their hookups, Tara drops the bomb on Peter telling him that they'll be having a "family reunion."

"First place we can start now is you being truthful for once," Tara said. "I asked Amina to come by so that you could tell the truth about where things stand with the two of you. She'll be here in a minute. 'Cause I'm not living like this Peter."

"So what? We having a snitch festival?" Peter asked.

"We're having a family reunion," Tara replied.

Below is the official synopsis to "Love & Hip Hop: New York" season 6 episode 2:

"Rich Dollaz welcomes a new lady into his home; Rah Ali and Yandy face difficulties with their artists; and Papoose warns Remy Ma about her wedding planner. Elsewhere, Amina confronts Tara about Peter's whereabouts, leading to an unlikely family reunion."

For more VH1 reality drama, there is a live stream of the channel which can be accesse on here (different regions might access different sites), and through that, fans can watch "Love & Hip Hop: New York" season 6 episode 2.

"Love & Hip Hop: New York" season 6 episode 2 online live stream will have recurring ads that pop up every once in a while. If this is the only way you can view "Love & Hip Hop: New York" season 6 episode 2 live stream, do not be deterred and the live streaming will work once the ads disappear.

Be sure to catch "Love & Hip Hop: New York" season 6 episode 2 live stream tonight at 8:00 pm EST here.

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