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How can science change sex in the future?

Oct 13, 2017 09:57 AM EDT | By Staff Reporter

How can science change sex in the future?

Sex and science go together, and a lot of us are interested in what will happen to intimate relationships in the nearest future. The whole Internet is teeming with futuristic theories and fantasists', sexologists', and ordinary geeks' thoughts on this topic. Let's see what the science behind sex can offer us in the near future. We are really thankful to Russian women online for helping us gather all these facts.

Artificial Intelligence

Modern people, who got stuck in virtual communication, run the risk of becoming hostages to their gadgets. But soon, instead of a real person, there may be an operating system with artificial intelligence on the other side chatting with you. Such evolution will naturally overshadow the importance of sexual relationships with real people.


A spinal cord stimulant, invented a couple of months ago, caused the community to talk about a new direction in sexual evolution. The device, originally intended to reduce back pain, is an implant the size of a cigarette pack with two electrodes, connected to the nerve endings on the spine. However, instead of reducing pain, the device stimulates nerve endings, responsible for sexual pleasure.

Just imagine: a person who wants to have a quick orgasm, presses a button or launches an app on a smartphone, and a small box sewn into the body does all the work for this person's partner.


That's right, the science of sex has finally got to the clothes we wear. At the end of last year, the British company Durex presented its innovative development: underwear with special sensors that stimulate certain erogenous zones. In order to use the device, you only need to install an app on your smartphone, and then select the spot on the body that will receive impulses using the touchscreen. The device synchronizes with the smartphone via the Internet, so the partners can be at any distance from each other, doing an erotic massage and watching each other's reaction through the webcam.

Toys for adults

A new invention on sex toys market also closely connected with the Web and smartphones. The company called Frixion offers an innovative development: remotely controlled genital simulators. Couples, playing with these toys, simultaneously control their partners' gadgets, being thousands of miles away from each other. And the nature of movements in devices is not limited to simple vibrations, repeating every movement. This innovation will dramatically change the science behind sex.

Virtual reality

The idea of sex in virtual reality has been quite popular for decades. And the recent emergence of Oculus Rift VR headset, which was originally intended for the video game industry, makes this idea closer to reality than ever before. Just at the end of this March, Mark Zuckerberg, who bought Oculus VR for $2 billion, talked about the narrow specialization of the device. According to him, the Oculus Rift headset can create a new social platform and change the way we work, play, and have sex. Imagine that you can see and touch your girlfriend whenever you are. The science of sex just doesn't stop surprising us.


The obvious interrelation of modern society's sexual life with adult movies has long been proven: porn industry is always one step ahead, as it's a reflection of sexual desires and the reverse side of people's erotic fantasies. Therefore, the ideas of how sex may look like in the future are inextricably linked with porn.

So, for example, there's a porn website that allows you to design your own adult movie. The project, called Customs4U, opens up a whole new direction in the porn industry. Those who are willing to pay for hours of such content have long exhausted the resources of the Web. The origins of this idea first appeared on the personal sites of porn actresses, but now we're talking about a centralized service that can combine dozens of porn stars in one video.

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