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What Activities Does Elevation RTC Offer Their Students?

Jun 17, 2021 11:20 PM EDT | By Ernest Hamilton
What Activities Does Elevation RTC Offer Their Students?
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Elevations RTC offers many activities around their more structured learning, making sure that students get a well-rounded, rich experience while on campus. They are interested in helping teens engage with team sports and social activities, as well as their residential treatment programs.

Elevations RTC encourages its students to get involved in many outdoor activities, such as biking, rock climbing, snowboarding, and kayaking. In addition, they provide daily physical education classes and gym time to promote team skills.

Daily Classes

Students get to engage in daily physical education activities and sports as part of the syllabus at Elevations RTC. Students have the opportunity to learn and enjoy a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities to supplement behavior therapy and keep them active.

Students are given the chance to engage in a wide range of different sports and activities. The goal is to provide them with a wealth of activities to choose from, making them feel empowered and in control over their lives and physical fitness.

Some of the daily classes include things like volleyball, basketball, softball, soccer, weight lifting, etc. These can help students improve their physical health but are also often good for mental health, making them feel better about themselves and their accomplishments.

Regular exercise can have a profoundly positive impact on improving mental health. It also relieves stress, improves memory, and helps with sleep. Regular classes with the opportunity to engage with and talk to other students are a great way to help teens open up, enjoy some exercise, and burn off some energy while making connections.

This kind of activity is aimed at giving them an outlet and improving their perspective on life. It encourages them to work with others and think about the dynamics of being in a team. Personal responsibility and a sense of accomplishment are important aspects that are offered by these activities.

Planned Activities

On-campus Elevations RTC addresses all aspects of a child's growth and development, and that includes their physical fitness and engagement with sports and with each other.

They offer a selection of activities for students to engage in on campus. Every three months, students are allowed to pick a recreational club to join, giving them the freedom to find things that interest them, rather than only permitting the structured, designated activities.

The campus recently hosted a pickleball tournament to help promote some healthy competition and a sense of fun. Students also get to train for a triathlon, Couch to 5K, and other structured challenges that can drive teenagers to improve themselves with a fixed goal in mind.

Elevations RTC wants to help students feel proud of themselves through these activities, giving them targets to aim for and a sense of real accomplishment when they meet these targets.

Sport can offer a great supplement to academic work in this way and often appeals more strongly to students who feel they are "not smart" enough to do well in a classroom environment. Boosting their confidence in their physical prowess is a great way to help them believe in themselves, and this can then be transferred to academic work.

Off-Campus Activities

Elevations RTC doesn't expect their students to spend all their time on campus. They regularly organize trips that involve traveling off the campus in order to give students a sense of connection and freedom. This also aims to help students feel more "normal" despite their difficulties.

Off-campus trips seek to provide students with a sense of adventure and fun and to give them a break from the feeling of being in school at all times. This can help to improve their attitude to work and their motivation levels.

Off-campus trips can vary enormously but often involve activities such as kayaking, hiking, skiing, swimming, or visiting museums. Because they are so varied, there is something for everyone, and all students can feel included.

The goal is to ensure that students experience new things; this can often help make them feel more balanced and confident in themselves. It can take their attention off personal difficulties and get them interested in new ideas.

Finding a passion is often vital to helping students in the long term, and this increases the chances of them getting interested in something new.

It's also important for students to spend time off-campus, practicing the skills built up through Elevation RTC's program and interacting with the rest of society. Without these off-campus trips, there is a danger of students feeling distanced and alienated from the rest of the world, which could result in a shock when they leave the school.

Off-campus activities are, therefore, key to their development. They are organized to provide maximum benefit to the student to unlock the potential within themselves, explore their interests and passions, and simply have fun with their friends, undertaking activities they might be enjoying in "normal" circumstances.


If those things sound as though they could help your teen, why not consider submitting an Elevations RTC application? The school does its utmost to provide students with a healthy, functioning environment in which they can learn to expand their abilities and increase their trust in themselves.

Through sport as well as academia, Elevations RTC seeks to help children learn and grow, unlocking things that they enjoy.

The school uses physical activities and planned events to encourage team spirit, cooperation, friendship and offer the physical and mental benefits of good exercise to all their students. They vary the options widely to ensure that there is something for everyone and nobody is left behind.

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