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15 Interesting facts about the modern college

Nov 09, 2017 11:19 AM EST | By Staff Reporter

You are going to continue your studying in a college but have no idea about college life? Probably your parents can tell you something from their experience, but we sure that some things have been changed since that time. Read the list of interesting facts about the modern college to understand what kind of life is waiting for you there:

Studying in college is expensive. You need to include payments for the dorm, books, food, fees, etc. When you are planning to enter a college, don't forget to count the budget and reconcile it with your parents.
Requirements became tougher nowadays compared to past years. For most majors, five years of studying became a norm.

In modern schools there are more girls than boys. Probably it happens because some boys choose the option to work instead of continuing studying in the college. This is the reason why the admission committee choose a male student from two equal applicants. So, if you are a girl that is going to study in a college, be prepared to fight with others for your boyfriend!

Most of modern campuses look really cool compared to past years. Many colleges made their campuses great to attract students to study there. When you see a great-looking campus with fitness centers, huge swimming pools, game rooms, theaters, cafes, and many other wonderful things, it surely forces your mind to imagine yourself as a student there.

Dorm rooms can be still look a little ugly, but things are changed a lot compared to how it was many years ago.

Nowadays, you can live in a dorm room that is equipped with a fridge and microwave. You also can use a high-speed Internet connection for studying, watching movies and playing games. Most modern dorms have full kitchens and big screen TVs for students. College dorms became more comfortable for living, and most of the students enjoy their life there. Needless to say that college days is probably the most exciting time in every person's life, so modern students will have a lot of great memories in the future.

Most of the campuses offer food 24/7 instead of dining hours. Students can eat various meals in cafeterias, or cook something in the dorm kitchen. Colleges try to offer a great option of healthy food choices.
All campuses offer the most popular franchises, so whether you are a fan of Starbucks or can't live without

McDonalds, this is not a problem for any modern college!
It's very popular for the modern students to study abroad, and you can choose between thousands of colleges all over the world. Don't forget to count travel costs and reconcile it with your parents beforehand!

Colleges pay a lot of attention at campuses security. Most of the campuses have police departments on their territories. They have a great notification system and special protocols for dangerous situations. Police officers communicate with students and provide them with all the needed instructions to avoid various problems. They also investigate some situations if something inappropriate is happened in the campus. Colleges make big investments into the security systems to keep students safe.

If you are choosing between public and private schools, keep in your memory that private schools cost twice public colleges. Of course, it's your decision what to choose and if it worth to pay twice more money for studying in the private school.
Some courses in modern colleges are offered online, so students watch lectures online, discuss them in chat, and teachers give them homework, tests, and exams online. But even other courses are videoed and placed on the websites for students to watch. Modern technologies give colleges a great development!
Colleges tech students to save the environment: nowadays, you can find recycle bins, water bottle refill fountains, and many other Eco-technologies in any campus.

Partying is a huge part of college life, so students will definitely remember these times as the best period of their life.
Some colleges offer distance studying from home for those students that want to study in the particular school, but cannot come there for some reasons. It's easy to organize the studying process thanks to Internet connection and modern technologies. Students can study anytime, and they don't have to pay expenses for traveling to the college if it is situated far from home, or even in another country.

In the modern world, students get more homework than in the past, mostly writing assignments. It's not easy to fulfill everything, Most of modern students try to use professional help from writing companies to get a qualified essay help online. It's possible for them to order any kind of work fast, and the service sends a finished paper within the deadline.

We do hope these list of facts about modern colleges was interesting for you to read, and we also wish you to make a good choice and become a student of a good college! Student life is a really great time for the most people, so you will definitely remember your college parties, strict and kind teachers, great friends, pretty girls, and many other exciting things for the entire life.

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