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Attractive Job Perks for Your Sales Team

Jan 26, 2019 03:23 PM EST | By Staff Reporter

Your business depends on a successful sales team. An attractive salary is only one component that draws in and keeps top quality agents. The benefits, perks, satisfaction that comes from your work, and being a part of a team, are what inspires loyalty and happiness. A work environment that is comfortable to be in daily is also a big plus.

Step one for being able to offer excellent perks to a winning sales team is to hire talented sales people for your job who are worth keeping and rewarding. Paying extra money for benefits packages to give to sub-par performers is going to lead to an overall tightening of the purse strings for everyone else. Access the expertise of seasoned sales recruiting agents to secure sales candidates who are well worth splurging for.

Startup culture has brought unique and sometimes strange perks and extras to the general public's consciousness. Some of the wilder ideas might not suit your culture and your brand, but the following list of suggestions have been consistently well-rated by general staff and sales personnel.

Check out the following work benefits that surpass medical, dental, and RRSP contributions:

  • Go beyond health and dental to support and encourage employee wellness with some of the following: gym memberships, an in-house workout room, in-house massages/acupressure/acupuncture, yoga lessons at lunch, healthy cooking classes, a fully-stocked kitchen and a healthy vending machine, ergonomically-designed desk areas, a secure place to store bikes, incentives to take a bike to work, smoking cessation programs, vegan food options, a flu shot clinic

  • Mental health days, time off, and therapy compensation

  • Flexible office hours that allow employees to avoid rush hour in larger urban areas or to work around their duties as parents

  • Catered meals, snacks, and drinks in the staff kitchen, plus the ability to cook fresh food

  • Public transit passes or discounts and free parking

  • A games and recreation room to allow staff to unwind after a tough day or to kick back and celebrate a deal

  • Bring your pet to work days or doggy daycare

  • No dress code

  • Attractive and comfortable office spaces at desks and break areas

  • Appealing interior design and décor

  • The opportunity to work remotely

  • Providing technology to use like a mobile phone, laptop, tablet, and/or e-reader

  • Generous parental leave for mothers, fathers, and partners

  • Unlimited vacation

  • In-house daycare

  • Reimbursement for education and professional development

  • Opportunities to work and train in other departments

  • Financial wellness training and advisement

  • Compensate employees for volunteering during work hours and full days

  • Charitable donation matching

  • Team building events

  • Team leisure and bonding events like dinners, visits to a games bar, or cocktail hour

  • Car and house cleaning

  • Summer hour perks like extra flexibility and half-day Fridays

  • Extended holiday time off and flexible hours

To create unique benefits and perks of your own, consider your brand and company culture. Get to know your employees and continue to offer them new opportunities, improvements, and rewards that are catered to them. Also consider the values of your company and what additions can be made to your compensation package that speaks to your mission and can even further it.

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