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Everything that you should know about PBX phone system

Jun 14, 2019 10:06 AM EDT | By Staff Reporter

If you run a business, small or big, then PBX is one thing without which you can't imagine a single day at work. Why it is so important, how it works, and what are the benefits are some of the questions that needed to be answered to making the most of your existing PBX phone system. In this post, we will explore all of it.

What do you mean by PBX phone system?

Technically, PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. It is a private sort of telephone network connecting the various departments of a company or organization. Communication, internal or external, is the key to business success and PBX phone system makes this communication happen easily.

Depending upon the needs of the end-user, PBX uses different communication channels such as Business Phone number, ISDN, or analog connections. Unlike traditional PSTN communication channel, PBX allows the users to keep as many as phone lines and set them free from call incurring charges.

What are the types of PBX?

Basically, there are four types of PBX telephony systems:

  •  Traditional Analog PBX - It is a landline based PBX system that depends upon the PBX hardware box. It can work only within an organization. Companies that have around 50 employees can use traditional analog PBX easily.
  •  IP PBX - IP PBX is an Internet-based PBX system that uses an online phone number and internet connection. It can be operated outside an organization and comes with a suite of features.
  •  Hosted PBX - Hosted PBX system is a cloud-based PBX that can be availed at a monthly fee. All the hardware and software requirements are fulfilled by the cloud-based phone system provider and demand less upfront investment.
  •  Virtual PBX - A light-weighted version of hosted PBX, virtual PBX gives you a professional image at an affordable cost. In this type of PBX, you can have an additional number of lines as per your business requirements.

How does the PBX phone system work?

PBX consists of hardware and software that helps it connect the communication devices with each other. It consists of telephone trunk lines, computer, network lines, and console or switchboard for operation. What PBX does is connecting all these components and making communication possible.

The major benefits of a PBX phone system

Well, the benefits of PBX are copious that makes it hot selling cake. The main benefits of this innovative technology are:

  •  Easy call transferring

PBX phone system is the bliss for sectors such as retail industry, government institutes, real estate, health care, and school where call traffic is usually high. PBX handles the call traffic intelligently by transferring it to the next available agent as soon as a line gets busy. As you can add as many phone lines in your online calling number, you need not worry about the calls being waited for long to get answered.

  •  Automation of the communication system

With your cloud-based phone system, you need not hire a receptionist to answer the call and transfer it to another agent. Its auto-attendant feature does it all for you. The calls will be answered and directed to the concerned department with the help of the auto-attendant menu.

  •  Free from access limitations

Unlike traditional PSTN system, PBX doesn't bind with you with a single device. It can start functioning from any of data-driven devices such as mobile phones, laptops, computers, and tablets. Not only this, you can gain full control over the access to the PBX system. You can set access limits over certain lines and extensions numbers.

  •  It demands nothing in return

Despite giving you such sort of functionality, a cloud-based phone system can be managed with zero maintenance. As all of its components are installed at the service-provider premises, you need not be worried about any system failure, regular maintenance, and bearing technicians' charges. Just pay monthly charges and use it without any worries.

  •  No huge investments

VoIP phone number is great to save money. With no high upfront investment and low operational cost, it can be great options for all sorts of businesses. As it can work over an internet connection as well, making international calls is also possible at a dirt-cheap price.

Many sectors such as retail and real estate industry, a government institute, and healthcare sectors need to make numerous calls as part of their operations. They can save a fortune by switching to the cloud-enabled phone system as calls between two users are free of cost (in some cases) as well.

PBX has brought a revolutionary change in business communication. Starting from the reducing operational cost to great call traffic handling, it has proved its viability in almost every section. However, the key lies in choosing it wisely.

There are many PBX providers in the market, only a few manage to achieve perfection. Make sure you get quotes based upon your requirement and do the proper research before picking the best cloud-based phone system for your organization.

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