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Keep Your Home Clutter-Free and Safe from Identify Theft

Aug 16, 2020 12:41 AM EDT | By Eric Hamilton
Keep Your Home Clutter-Free and Safe from Identify Theft
(Photo : Keep Your Home Clutter-Free and Safe from Identify Theft)

Your home never looks better than when the sun shines through the window of a clean, clutter-free home. There are mental benefits associated with spending time in organized spaces, such as improved concentration and even pleasure.

But reducing the unnecessary clutter around your home like sensitive papers also minimizes the risk of identity theft. Identity thieves don't always need a ton of personal information to cause you a lot of damage, such as blackmail, or they could even drain your bank account.

If you have papers, electronics or unorthodox items that present the risk of identity theft, call a professional shredder to have them securely eliminated. Read on to learn more about how it works.

Convenient Paper Shredding

Everybody acquires paper documents in the course of applying for things like a bank account or social insurance number. Having paper documents that need to be shredded is inevitable - unlike the depiction in some Hollywood movies, shredding does not mean you have something to hide.

The best paper shredding services can come right to your location, and securely destroy your documents right at the curb in a mobile shredding truck. If you have a large bundle of paper that needs to be destroyed, the professional shredder should still be able to come on down to your home or office, but they'll transport it to their facility and destroy it.

Here's a non-exhaustive list of papers commonly found around the home that pro shredders frequently destroy:

  • Bank records
  • Social insurance information
  • Tax records
  • Business plans
  • Papers with passwords or usernames
  •  And more

If you have these kinds of documents or any other sensitive papers lying around your home, call a professional shredder today.

Electronic Shredding

Unsurprisingly, in our world of advanced technology, it's common for people to store sensitive personal information on electronic devices. If you have old electronics at home that you no longer use just sitting around collecting dust, they present liability risks.

The safest thing to do is have the electronics destroyed by a professional shredder who can pulverize the microchips on the device so the information that was stored on it can't possibly be retrieved.

Old electronics that are frequently shredded include:

A top-quality pro shredder will also be mindful of recycling as many components as possible. This is especially important when it comes to recycling electronics safely, as they may contain toxins that need to be handled delicately and responsibly.

Look for a professional shredder with a long and proud track record of safe eco practices. If you can eliminate clutter and protect yourself from identity theft in a way that also reduces your carbon footprint, that's a big win.

Minimize the chances of being the next victim of identity theft while also keeping your home clutter-free this summer by hiring a professional shredder. Just give them a call, and they'll come right to you and handle everything.

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