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Life Changes: How to Make a Subtle Announcement

Jan 09, 2021 12:19 PM EST | By Staff Reporter
Life Changes: How to Make a Subtle Announcement
(Photo : Life Changes: How to Make a Subtle Announcement)

Major life changes are abundant in your lifetime, and when these happenings occur, you may very well be inclined to make a major announcement. 

Then again, if you're the private type and don't want to shout it from the proverbial rooftop, you can rest assured knowing there are subtle ways to share your big news.

Whether it's a pregnancy, adoption, engagement, separation, or weight loss, you can tell your friends and family without all the typical fanfare. How can you make a subtle announcement? Here are a few tips to get you started.

Update Your Social Media Pages

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram aren't for everyone, but a simple life update can be a quick and easy way to make an announcement. Those closest to you are likely already on your friend's list, giving you the opportunity to target everyone at once.

Your subtle life update will depend on your announcement. For example, you can change your relationship status, post a photo of your new baby, or pose for a snapshot with friends to show off a new look. Of course, if you have news you only want to share with a select few people, a private group message could be the answer.

Remember, some social media platforms will let you turn off comments or post to a segment of your friend's list. This can be handy for those excited to announce a major life update, but who want to avoid an awkward or embarrassing discussion.

Design Holiday Photo Cards

Do you have a favorite holiday? If one is fast approaching and you have news to announce, you can say it all with a heartfelt holiday photo card. The process of designing one doesn't have to be complicated, and you can do it all online. Choose a design template, experiment with color palettes, and upload the perfect photo.

Truthfully, your photo can make the announcement for you. If you're welcoming a new family member, partner, or pet, include them in the holiday imagery. For those who have separated, use an image without your ex to subtly share the news. Finally, send your holiday cards in the mail as a memento that can be hung proudly on your recipient's refrigerator.

What makes a great holiday photo card? Experts point to incorporating a consistent theme for your template, photo, and color scheme. The choice is yours: It can be fun, glamorous, seasonal, or rustic. Just make sure to use a quality, high-resolution photograph and match it with elegant envelopes to complete the look.

Plan an In-Person Get-Together

If you prefer to spread your big news offline, arrange a meet-up with your besties (social distanced, of course). Even in a small group setting, you can still be subtle about your announcement. For example, if you're pregnant, show up and let your beautiful belly speak for itself. Or, if you've recently gone through a divorce, show up sans wedding ring. 

Then again, sending out an event invitation can offer up a few details of your life changes so you don't have to. For example, couples wanting to announce the news of an expectant baby can host a post-birth baby shower or post-adoption party. Or, those who said "yes" can host an engagement party. 

Sometimes, letting only a select few friends and family members in on the news via face-to-face communication can be beneficial.

Get to the Punch Line as You See Fit

No matter what's happening in your life or what is around the corner, it's certainly possible to make a subtle life announcement. Share your news with a social media update. Or, if you're feeling creative, try a holiday photo card on for size. Finally, for those wanting to keep their information private, a face-to-face gathering may be preferable. We say, share your news in your own unique way!

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