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8 Ways to Stay Safe on Winter Roads

Jan 14, 2021 01:43 PM EST | By Ernest Hamilton
8 Ways to Stay Safe on Winter Roads
(Photo : 8 Ways to Stay Safe on Winter Roads)

As beautiful as the winter months can be, they also can be extremely dangerous--especially while driving. However, lives can't stop even when the weather is not in our favor. If you plan on driving in the winter months or are scared to, these tips will surely help. 

Stay Focused

Sometimes our attention goes elsewhere no matter what time of year, but especially during the Holiday season. Our minds are racing, trying to get from one place to the other, all while still driving. Remember, every time you get behind a wheel you need to stay focused on yourself and be aware of other cars. If your mind is boggling and someone else's car slides on some ice, it can be just as bad for you! Try to stay relaxed and only focus on the road. 

Avoid Bad Roads

After living somewhere for an extended period, you usually start to feel how roads are worse during the winter. Most of the time, they are steep hills or back roads that do not get plowed or salted. If you are aware of some of these roads, try and avoid them even if it means taking extra time to get to your destination. No one should be racing around on the winter roads! 

Ignore Your Phone

This is an all-year-round message but especially in the winter months. One glance at the phone or picked up call could cause you to swerve or hit black ice you may not see. It is not worth the immediate answer in putting yourself and others in harm's way. Think about someone you love--you would never want them in an accident, and phones are too often the reason behind them. 

Check the Weather

You do not want to be caught somewhere far from home or at the grocery store when suddenly a big snowstorm hits. You will be stuck or have to risk driving on unpaved roads all the way home. Before you head out somewhere and are expecting snow, make sure you check the weather so you can avoid trouble. Usually, your errands can wait, especially if everyone else will be snowed in at their homes! 

Prepare, prepare, prepare!

It is necessary once the wintery months start approaching that you check your tires. If your tires are old and worn, you are more susceptible to slip and slide on the roads. If you do not already have all-season tires, make sure to change into winter tires to be much safer. These tires are designed for better grip and traction that will help you avoid the messy ice. It is much better to invest in the right tires than have to deal with the cost of an accident in the wintertime.  

You can also stay on the extreme safe side if you prepare with car accident resource. You can check every part of your car and still get unlucky with the roads. Nobody can predict when you will hit a bad patch of ice or collide with an out of control car. Finding a car accident attorney will be your best response to this type of situation.  

Don't Drive If You Do Not Have To!!

If you are concerned with the roads or feel unsafe, your best option is not to drive at all! Nothing is worth the risk of putting yourself in a situation you are not comfortable in. It is a good excuse for a party you don't want to attend, and you are saving a little gas money. You can even carpool with someone who has a dependable car. 

Slow Down

There is no rush when it comes to unsafe winter roads. It does not matter if you are late to your brother's wedding; you do not speed on these roads. No one blames a cautious driver, and that is the person you want to be. Although if you do not want to be late, add in some extra time to your destination. If somewhere usually takes you ten minutes to get to, pencil in fifteen minutes for that trip! 

Do forget to keep extra distance between you and the person in front of you. Your brakes work differently on ice, and it will be much harder to come to a stop!

Do not Blast Music

Everyone loves a good jam session in the car; it is your personal Carpool Karaoke! When there is bad weather, you want to be focused on the drive and not necessarily every word to the latest Lady Gaga song. Save the loud music for when you are at home safe and sound! 


From Holiday Shopping to visiting the in-laws or heading to the gym, we all still need to drive in the winter. Make sure you stay safe and prepared, even if you are used to driving in the snow. It can be dangerous, and spending some extra time or avoiding putting yourself in unpredictable circumstances could save you from an accident. Be cautious and stay focused on the road! 

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