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How does employee training management software improve your training process?

Mar 08, 2021 05:51 PM EST | By Staff Reporter
Building a new system from scratch can be hectic for you. Particularly, when you've got a tight deadline to launch the training modules to your new hires.
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Building a new system from scratch can be hectic for you. Particularly, when you've got a tight deadline to launch the training modules to your new hires.

Like most things, getting a software solution like employee training management software supports you in creating a quality training program.

Here are five proven tricks to master your employee training process to save your time and benefit you.


●     The Training Mission

Not alone in your company, your training must have a strong mission statement to make your employees' understand the training purpose.

Ask these questions to define a clear training mission statement

1.     What do you wish to achieve through this corporate training?

2.     Are you closing the existing skill gaps?

3.     Is the training specific for your employees' job responsibilities?

4.     Have you thought about knowledge retention?

5.     Are you conducting training to pitch new values to your prospects?

Answer these questions to create a tailormade mission statement before creating your training modules. Please include them in your employee training management software to be visible for your trainees.

This way, you can strategize the entire training for the benefit of the organization and employees.


●     The Blended learning Methodology

True that employees seek freedom to learn at their own pace. However, you can't completely replace the traditional learning style.

Certain things are better taught in-person and hands-on experience. Agree?

If your training modules cover personal interaction or any physical action, go for it. It takes the employees to look away from their devices and involves them in enjoyable and interesting learning.

Provide a mix of both Instructor-Led Training (ILT) and elearning to give them the perfect taste of both. It's widely known as blended learning.

Not necessarily, ILT must involve physical classroom learning, and you can include teleconference too.


●     User-Intuitive Learning Paths

Employee training needn't always be a bunch of courses rather be a journey of adventures.


Create learning paths. Any well-planned training program must offer multiple learning paths for their learners based on their presentation skills and career goals.

Before creating it, have a thorough picture of job positions, learning levels to make the learning path actually working.

1.     Survey your existing employees.

2.     Discuss the mid-term and long term skills with the team leads.

3.     Use the testing present in an employee training management software

4.     Identify the skill gaps.

5.     Direct employees to different learning paths.


●     Get to know the pulse of Trainees

As mentioned before, creating a training based on the trainees' needs' is a must for successful employee training.

The higher management won't know the current scenario in your team rather asks you to focus only on the long term training goals.

Go directly to your employees and ask what they prefer, and which courses they want to learn.

Get inputs from their daily workflows too. It evidently clarifies those skill gaps which the employee might not be aware of.


●     Recognize and Reward the Achievers

Motivation is a serious factor that can ruin when not done properly; however, the best employee training you offer.

You need to be strategic when providing a reward system.

It should be

1.     Psychological - physical encouragement from management.

2.     Symbolic- Points, Badges, medals.

3.     Tangible-bonuses, incentives and promotion.

The goal must be to encourage professional skill development and reward the application of newly learnt skills.

This way, the employee connects their training to daily responsibilities and thus looks forward to a future training.

The Final Takeaway

Have you tried these tips already? Did it work for you? Try it now to uplevel your training standards. Let us know what tactics you've followed to create your employee training program.

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