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PS4 Slim Release Date: 2015 Or 2016? Sony Expected To Make Announcements On E3 2015!

Oct 14, 2014 11:57 PM EDT | By Staff Reporter
PlayStation 4, PS4 Slim, Release Date, Sony, 2015, 2016

Playstation 4 is out on the market! "Slim" version, expected to launch on 2015!

Playstation has been one of the most, sold out console in history. In 1994, when Sony first released the original Playstation, it made 100 million sales in the first decade since the day of its release. The following versions performed even better. Playstation 2 sold millions within its release date, while the latest version; Playstation 4, was able to hit 1 million within 24 hours.

In fact, Sony was claiming that PS4 is the "world's most powerful console". It's built with an accelerated AMD x84-64 processing unit, with a GPU up to 1.843 teraflops.

According to recent report, Sony's upcoming gaming console called the PlayStation 4 Slim will be available sometime in early 2016. Though another report came out saying that the PS4 Slim may arrive later in 2015, while Sony may make an announcement regarding PS4 Slim's release date at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2015.

Matt Tran noted on that "If the PlayStation 4 Slim were to be in development behind closed doors at the moment, it would allow Sony to iron out the issues that players have reported so far from the PS4. There has also been a big call for Sony to add PS3 backward compatibility, a feature which the PS4 sorely lacks but will be offered through streaming on PlayStation Now later this year."

"It is more likely that we will see the PS4 Slim come in the next year or two, which will not be an issue for people who do not mind the wait. If you are desperate for a PS4 but really want to adopt the Slim version as your first model then it could be time to make a choice. It is almost a certainty Sony will offer a redesigned and sleeker PS4 in the future, but the big question is when. Can you wait and more importantly do you want one?"

Even though there has been no official announcements yet regarding the console, it has been said that Sony is currently working on the PS4 Slim, developing it into a very compact gadget while looking for solutions for overheating issues of PS2 and PS3.

Recently, Gamingbolt created a list that Sony should incorporate into the PS4 for improvements, including a slimmer and lighter body, and a solid state drive (SSD) for minimal load times and easier data transfer, among others. A slim console version can also be expected to encourage companies in adding cooling systems for their devices.

The PS 4 Slim is likely to be kept under veil of secrecy while being developed, but there is big possibility that it will come in the future.

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