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World War Z 2 Release Date Confirmed As Speculations About Casting Has Surfaced; Will Jennifer Lawrence Be Included In The Sequel?

Oct 15, 2014 04:42 PM EDT | By Cindy Wallace
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It seems that the World War Z 2 release date has been rumored to be confirmed for late 2015.

Aside from the release date, a few details about the cast have also been making the rounds off the internet, thanks to fans and speculators.

Brad Pitt is definitely back to star as Gerry Lane, the zombie-fighting United Nations employee who manages to win against the enemy (temporarily) in the first movie. Pitt is also set to produce alongside Jeremy Kleiner and Dede Gardner.

As to casting, although there is still no confirmation from the producers, speculators are pretty positive about names like Jennifer Lawrence to be casted and to play alongside Brad Pitt in the upcoming sequel. Perhaps she could play as his new love interest? 

In another angle, details about the production for the sequel have also been released online, According to Latino Post, sighting another source:

"According to The Guardian, Juan Antonio Bayona will be helming part two. He had directed 'The Impossible,' which was critically acclaimed and grossed $180 million. It also got Naomi Watts an Academy Award nomination. 'His previous film, well-received horror curio 'The Orphanage,' showed he can handle World War Z-style shocks,' the news source added."

In regards to who will write the screenplay for the second movie, Paramount has reportedly proceeded with a new screenwriter, Steven Knight, responsible for Martin Scorsese's "Shutter Island", and other movies such as "Pretty Little Things" and "Eastern Promises" Screen Crush is quick to suggest that it should still be Damon Lindelof and Drew Goddard on retainer, that is "If Pramount's smart" Screen Crush further added that: "The duo punched up the original 'Z' script, and - if reports are accurate - concocted the new, suspenseful ending that saw Pitt's character maneuver through a zombie-infested W.H.O. Building."

Aside from the cast and the new screenwriter, however, what excites fans about the World War Z 2 release date is the plot. reports have mentioned that the plot for the sequel will obviously be a continuation of where the first movie left off. It's pretty much self-explanatory that the first movie was clearly a cliff hanger, and so fans are quick to note that the sequel will be picking up from there. Also according to Latino Post: "'Plot details for the next World War Z are being kept under wraps but the storyline is expected to continue from where Marc Forster's movie left off,' The Independent predicted. While this is expected, the gray area would be how the filmmakers will mine the Max Brooks novel, which the film is based on, and create a story with more depth and relevance."

What do you think about the World War Z 2 release date news? Sound off in the comments below!

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