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Twitter Makes All Tweets Searchable to the Public

Nov 20, 2014 11:31 PM EST | By Staff Reporter
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Twitter Search
Twitter Search(Photo : Twitter)

Twitter now lets you search through hundreds of billions of tweets ever tweeted with its search engine that indexes every public tweet since the social network giant started out in 2006.

Since its creation back in 2006, Twitter has become a place where world events, politics and every other topic we can think of are discussed in real time.

Christian Science Monitor reports that Twitter aided to overthrow dictators during the Arab Spring, and its "hashtags" can make relevant headlines in just a few minutes.

However, going back and trying to review those tweets have proved to be a quite a chore before, but Twitter is trying to change all that, making the process a little bit easier for its users.

Twitter announced the arrival of its new search engine, where users can now view and review every tweet ever sent on the social network. It provides a depth to the network that's helpful to users who want to research topics on the site.

"Since that first simple Tweet over eight years ago, hundreds of billions of Tweets have captured everyday human experiences and major historical events," Yi Zhuang, a Twitter developer who worked on the search engine, wrote in a blog.

"Our search engine excelled at surfacing breaking news and events in real time, and our search index infrastructure reflected this strong emphasis on recency. But our long-standing goal has been to let people search through every Tweet ever published."

Twitter designed the new search engine so that users can easily navigate through tweets by looking through specific keywords, handles or even previous hashtags, and categorize tweets based on where they were sent and even the "mood" of the tweet, rather than perpetually scrolling to find old tweets, which are cumbersome and at times, frustrating.

"For now, complete results from the full index will appear in the 'All' tab of search results on the Twitter web client and Twitter for iOS & Twitter for Android apps," Mr. Zhuang wrote.

 "Over time, you'll see more Tweets from this index appearing in the 'Top' tab of search results and in new product experiences powered by this index."

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