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Selena Gomez Slept With Orlando Bloom? ‘I Want You To Know’ Hitmaker Pissed Off Over Justin Bieber’s Roast! ‘She Likes To Keep Relationships Private’

Mar 16, 2015 11:36 PM EDT | By Kenny Vis
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The latest rumors really got into Selena Gomez because she allegedly slept with Orlando Bloom.

During Justin Bieber's Comedy Central Roast, Chris D'Elia dissed his ex-girlfriend who once got linked to the "Lord of the Rings" star.

"You're about to get f**ked harder than Orlando Bloom f**ked Selena Gomez," D'Elia told Bieber as reported by Hollywood Life.

According to ABC News correspondent Jason Nathanson, the Canadian pop star laughed hysterically at the comedian's comment.

He even teased the Jelena fans by giving a heartfelt apology to someone special.

"There's someone in my life that I owe a special apology to," he said. "I'm talking about someone that I really loved and lost because I screwed it all up." 

"But, thankfully, that special someone, the love of my life, is here tonight. I just want a second chance, so if you could come on out," Justin added.

Upon hearing that, many fans thought Sel will make a special appearance. Unfortunately, it was just his pet monkey that showed up.

Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber aren't in good terms. The 38-year-old actor threw a punch at the 21-year-old musician in Ibiza last year, but missed. The British heartthrob reportedly believed that the Canadian pop star hooked up with his ex-wife Miranda Kerr and he also allegedly wanted to protect Selena Gomez from him.

When Comedy Central announced that Justin will be featured in "Roast," Sel reportedly got worried that she may get humiliated by their jokes and she was right. The "Behaving Badly" actress reportedly got pissed by the hook up rumor.

"She particularly took offense to a joke about a sexual relationship with Orlando Bloom," a source told "She doesn't like her dirty laundry washed in public like that, and likes to keep relationships private." 

Thankfully, Selena's rumored boyfriend was there to comfort her.

"Zedd understands how Selena likes to keep her personal life - just that - private," an insider said. "But he comforted her by asking, 'what can they say that hasn't already been said?'"

Catch Justin Bieber's Roast in Comedy Central on March 30.

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