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Watch ‘Mission Impossible 5’ Trailer [VIDEO]! Tom Cruise Shared First Footage Of ‘Rogue Nation!' Did They Copy The Title Of The ‘Star Wars’ Spinoff?

Mar 23, 2015 11:43 AM EDT | By Kenny Vis
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The long wait is over as Tom Cruise finally revealed the first trailer of "Mission Impossible 5."

Paramount Pictures also unleashed the title of the fifth installment and it is called "Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation."

The footage runs for a minute and it featured Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt, Simon Pegg as Beji Dunn, Jeremy Renner as William Brandt and Ving Rhames as Luther Stickell. The movie also stars Rebecca Ferguson, Alec Baldwin and Sean Harris.

A few days before the 52-year-old actor made the announcement on Twitter, Christopher McQuarrie teased his followers by posting a photo of the trailer.

"Finishing touches...#MI5Diary," he wrote on Twitter. Tom Cruise has been pretty quiet on the social media site with his last post dating back to September 11, 2014.

He surprised his fans yesterday when he posted the official trailer of "Mission Impossible 5".

"I'm excited to share the first footage for Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation with you," he wrote on Twitter. The video was described: "Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation first-look spot. Tune in for the global trailer debut tomorrow, 3.23.15!" You can catch the full trailer anytime now at the film's official website.

The teaser may have only lasted about a minute, but every second of it would leave you breathless. You can see amazing car and motorcycle stunts, adrenaline-pumped fight scenes, explosions, and Tom Cruise hanging outside a moving airbus! That is just a minute of what we can see in "Mission Impossible 5", so for sure there will be more thrilling action scenes in the movie.

Some people are wondering why they chose the title "Rogue Nation" because it shared the same keyword as that of the "Star Wars" spinoff which is called "Rogue One." According to The Hollywood Reporter, Paramount Pictures registered and also cleared the title with the MPAA in January before Robert Iger of Walt Disney announced the title of the "Star Wars" spinoff.

"Disney didn't clear its title, meaning Paramount could have fought to block Disney and Lucasfilm from using it at all, even though 'Rogue One' won't open until Dec. 16, 2016, long after 'Rogue Nation' has come and gone," their sources said. 

Despite the title issues, many fans are still eager to see the full trailer of "Mission Impossible 5." Check out the teaser below:

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