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5 Reasons Brisbane is the Best City for Startups

Feb 05, 2020 10:49 AM EST | By Staff Reporter
5 Reasons Brisbane is the best city for startups
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Brisbane has everything that you could possibly want to launch your career in the city. Not only is it a prime living location, but it's also a hub for career development. In recent years, it's even been considered better than Melbourne or Sydney to launch a new business. Due to rising costs, Melbourne and Sydney are slowly becoming more challenging for start-ups, which is one of the key reasons that Brisbane is ideal.

To help you make the decision of where to start your business, we've put together our top five reasons why Brisbane is the place to be.

1)   Transport

Unlike many of the big cities in Australia, Brisbane is incredibly easy to drive around. If you're travelling to meetings, or even if you're making deliveries, being able to drive to these locations can make all the difference. While taxi services and public transport are both affordable, it's also likely to work within budget to get your own car - or even hire a car if you're not staying in the city for the whole week.

2)   Business community

Brisbane's business community is large, and particularly with the influx of innovative workers, you'll see endless amounts of people wanting to talk to you about next steps. You'll be able to get a helping hand from locals, and as part of a strong community, you're more likely to build a platform for success. If you're launching a B2B business, having the opportunity to talk to so many other people in the sector will be beneficial for your plans.

3)   Cost of living

Not only are house prices cheaper in Brisbane, but offices are too - which allows you to do a lot more with your money. One of the many benefits of affordable office space is that you'll have more time to figure out whether it's working for you. Perfect if this is the first time you're launching your business. In addition, you could also cut down your commuting time, and costs as you'll be able to live close to your office. In comparison, if you worked in either Sydney or Melbourne, you'd probably need to live further out in order for housing to be affordable.

4)   The impact of BCC

Brisbane City Council has been making an effort to push the city into a digital future, which is great news for startups. The city is becoming increasingly appealing to entrepreneurs and the plans for Brisbane are only getting more positive. So if you're launching a digital business, this is definitely the place for you.

5)   The atmosphere

Not many cities are lucky enough to have around 300 days of sunshine a year, but Brisbane is one of the few. The atmosphere of the city is second-to-none, and with the growing chain of restaurants, music venues and bars, it's becoming a lively city to spend time in. It's the perfect place to have a stroll after work, or even during your lunch break.

If you are looking to set up a business in Australia, Brisbane is definitely a great place to get started. 

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