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What to Consider When Creating Your Website

Oct 05, 2021 01:10 PM EDT | By David Thompson
What to Consider When Creating Your Website
(Photo : Image by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay )

New technology and the internet are continuously pushing the world forward. You might say that the internet has taken over at least a part of all of our lives if the phone in peoples' hands everywhere you go is any indication.

It's well known that you won't be able to make your business thrive these days if you lack a website. You need one in order to grow your reputation and online business. It's the only way for you to represent your brand in a world where people look to their phones or tablets for information.

Not just any website will do, though. Skip the frames of the 1990s and make your investment count. Here's how.


Layout design is a critical part of any strategy for building a website. The thing is, you can't forget the customer experience while designing it. Yes, you want to impart all of the pertinent information, but don't make it too busy or too boring. Make things easy to find but not overwhelming. Either of these will only serve to drive customers away rather than attract them.

Mobile Friendly

Making sure that the website for your business is mobile-friendly is another must-have. People tend to leave a website if it takes too long to load, so performance, both on a computer and on a mobile device, is critical. Check to ensure that your site works on a variety of mobile devices. Due to Google and a variety of other search engines switching to indexing that's mobile-first, which emphasizes how your site performs on mobile devices, it's important that you don't skip this step.


A business website is meant to serve the purpose of providing the public with basic information regarding your business or as an e-commerce site. The most critical thing you need to do is to explain exactly what it is that your business does - right on the homepage. Visitors shouldn't need to dig through each page checking to see if you can meet whatever their needs might be.

Ditch the flashy banners. Instead, galleries and small paragraphs of strategically placed text accompanying videos and graphics are more likely to catch your viewer's attention.

Target Market

Who are you trying to reach and who will benefit the most from your service and/or products? What you put on your website will be determined by your target demographic. For example, if your target audience is composed mainly of younger consumers, you might be better able to persuade them to remain on your site longer and purchase your wares if you have more videos than just straight written content. Interactive content garners attention and thus, sells.


Because your website will nearly always be the actual first point of contact with your customers and your business, you need to design it with care. A website is a powerful marketing tool, and you need to conduct a lot of research in order to ensure that it makes the type of first impression you're looking for. Check websites of other professionals in your field. Make notes regarding styles you appreciate and exactly those aspects of design and layout that appeal to you. Do not simply copy other business websites though. Put your spin on it and include your branding.

Starting a website for your business can help you reach a broader customer base and create trust. It's not as expensive as traditional marketing, and if you need to, you can create your own using a website builder. You'll not need to worry about not having existence for both future and current clients if you keep your website updated with current, new content. 

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