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Employee Appreciation: Why It Matters And Simple Solutions

Nov 04, 2021 10:44 AM EDT | By David Thompson
Employee Appreciation: Why It Matters And Simple Solutions
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If there's anything employers should have learned over the past year, it's the importance of their employees. It wasn't that long ago when things got hard, and businesses had no choice but to let go of staff. Teams were pushed to the limit for essential companies and retailers as they worked around the clock to meet company goals. Working without a full staff or watching employees push themselves to the brink is eye-opening.

That's why employers should focus on finding ways to show their appreciation for employees. Saying thanks is nice, but following up with an action or gift, can make a big difference.

Why Employee Appreciation Matters

Why should you invest in showing how grateful you are to your employees? Here's a look at what happens when you don't.

●  Low Morale - Your staff is working harder than ever to ensure your business succeeds despite the overwhelming challenges over the past year. When they are putting their best foot forward, but you don't acknowledge their efforts, they start to feel taken for granted. These feelings can lead to lower morale in the workplace.

●  Slowed Productivity - When your employees don't feel appreciated, it's only natural that it would begin to show in their work. Eventually, you'll find that progress is slowed, and productivity is weakened, causing larger issues for your business.

●  Higher Turnovers - When you're not happy at your place of employment, it won't be long before you start looking elsewhere. High turnovers ultimately slow productivity and waste a lot of money. It can also harm your company's reputation.

●  Poor Customer Service - Your employees aren't the only ones that suffer when you don't show appreciation, your customers do too. When morale is low, productivity is slow, and turnovers are high, you can't keep up with the demands of your customers. As you're likely aware, dissatisfied customers lead to bad reviews and a drop in sales.

Ways To Say Thanks

None of the above outcomes are favorable for a business. Ultimately, employers must find ways to show thanks outside of a paycheck and benefits. Below are some suggestions.

●  Earned Time Off - There's nothing that says thank you, like time off from work. Why not allow your employees to earn days off outside of their sick leave and vacation days? For example, for every 30 days, allow them to earn a day off. It's something to look forward to that can boost morale.

●  Meals or Refreshments - Food and beverages are an excellent way to show a little appreciation to your team. Choose a few days out of the week to bring in refreshments in the morning. Join a coffee subscription service so you can have fresh coffee on deck. You can also bring in donuts, pastries, bagels, and muffins. You can also opt to pay for a catered lunch every once in a while.

●  Periodic Bonuses - When business is succeeding, and your team is the source, thank them with a little extra cash in their paycheck. Issuing bonuses at the end of a successful sales cycle is a nice way to show how appreciative you are of your team. Whether it's an extra $25 or $500, it will go a long way for employees.

●  Employee Recognition Programs - A little recognition means a lot to an employee, especially when you showcase your appreciation in public. You can start an employee recognition program where you have an employee of the month. Have a certificate or plaque made in their honor or take their photo and highlight them on your company website and social media pages.

If you didn't understand the importance of employee appreciation before the pandemic, hopefully, the turn of events changed your perspective. The people you hire go above and beyond day in and out despite worldly and personal changes. It is because of their skills and abilities that your organization has stayed afloat this long. So, why not show them a little thanks by using the suggestions listed above? It can cultivate a healthy work environment, build stronger relationships, improve productivity, and ultimately help your business excel. 

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