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Know These Top 5 Franchise of a Japanese Cuisine

Sep 12, 2019 04:24 PM EDT | By Ernest Hamilton

Food is among the features of Japanese culture. Japanese snacks are among the top most notable cuisines around the world. They are highly prized because of the fact that they are notoriously delicious. Before looking at the top best franchise of Japanese cuisine, let us learn something little about the Japanese cuisine.

About Japanese Cuisine

Japanese cuisine involves traditional and regional foods of Japan, which have evolved through many years of political, economic, and social changes. Japanese cuisine is popular because of a number of good reasons. One of the reasons is that, the cooking is based on five rules which serve to add variety and balance in the cuisine. The five rules are based on color and method of cooking. The cuisine has five colors, which are; red, black, yellow, white and green. The five methods of cooking are; steaming, grilling, boiling, frying and raw food. These elements apply to almost each and every single type of Japanese cuisine. As a result of the foods being procedurally cooked, they come out tasty and balanced in diet. 

The second reason why Japanese cuisine is popular is because of the fact that it is amazingly fresh and delicious. What contributes to this is the ingredients used. Ingredients matter a lot in the Japanese cuisine. These two key terms, "Shun and hashiri", are related to choosing of the ingredients. Shun means the tastiest season while hashiri means the first of the season. Therefore, this means that the ingredients are picked during the peak of the season when they are optimally tasty and mature, especially for the vegetables, fruits, and seafood. Also during the beginning of the season 'hashiri', when the ingredients are fresh. 

The third reason why Japanese cuisine is famous is because of it is beautifully served. The use of chop sticks to eat is considered cool by majority of people. Again, before looking the top best franchise, let us expand knowledge on some of the best Japanese cuisine.

Best Japanese cuisine


This is the most famous of Japanese cuisine. It is made of vinegared rice and fish. It is accompanied by ingredients such as vegetables and tropical fruits and a lot more. There are different types of sushi and they are all served in numerous ways.


This cuisine is made of seafood and vegetables that have been battered and fried. Numerous types of seafood and vegetables are used. It is mostly eaten with dipping sauce and it is served with grated daikon.


What makes this cuisine special is the fact that it is prepared with utmost precision and attention. As a result, its flavor is refined with great taste, texture, and overall appearance. Only highly fresh ingredients are used to enhance the taste.


This type is among the popular consumed Japanese cuisine because of the fact that it is prize friendly and delicious. Also, it can be used with a variety of toppings. It comes in different forms and none of them disappoints. It is known to have dense noodles which are chewable. 

Miso soup

This is a traditional Japanese soup. It is served with any Japanese cuisine. It is made from dashi stock which is fish or kelp stock, combined with fermented soy beans. It has a refreshing aroma and it is served in bowls. That said, let us look at the top franchises of Japanese cuisine.

The Top 5 Franchise of Japanese cuisine


Do you want to experience the best of Japanese cuisine while with accompany exceptional services? This is one of the restaurant to consider. It does attract a considerable attention of respectable consumers of Japanese cuisine. It is renowned for its self-service system whereby you can make your own udon dish at your own comfort. It is a great deal for fast diners and travelers because of its friendly prices for quality and delicious cuisine. It's most popular orders include: kake-udon, Bukkake udon, and kamatama udon.


You are ascertained of amazing and authentic Japanese cuisine once you visit this chain restaurants. You will be sure to find what is known in Japanese as 'ichiju sansai'. It is a set of dish consisting of soup, rice and three other side traditional dishes that are inseparable to historic Japanese culture. The most recommendable cuisines to order from Yayoi-ken are; Shogayaki Teishoku, Saba no Misoni Teishoku, and Chicken Nanban & Ebi Fry Teishoku.

Benihana Teppanyaki

This is restaurant is franchised by one of the largest Japanese cuisine companies in the world. Benihana is famous because it is renamed after a flower that survived during the World War II bombing of Japan. Teppanyaki is broiling on a grill style of cooking. Usually, this form is done by skilled cooks because the technique is artistic in a way. Popular orders prepared in this style include; grilled vegetables, shrimp, and chicken.

Bincho Yakitori

This chain of restaurants is built inform of traditional drinking hubs of Japan. Yakitori means grilled bird and it is prepared over coals made from oak. Their menu is printed on a week basis and they serve a variety of Japanese cuisine at friendly prices.

Kamayakitorihonten- Oyahinata

Two main menus are famous in this restaurant. That is yakitori and udon. They are prepared on the grill in the most professional manner. It also has other variety of Japanese cuisine at the most affordable prices. 

Closing Remarks

Be certain to consume the best of Japanese cuisines once you visit one of these top five franchise of Japanese cuisine. You will witness incredible taste and beautiful appeal of the cuisine.

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