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Essential Office Supplies Every Business Needs

Oct 23, 2019 09:43 AM EDT | By Ernest Hamilton
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When a small business grows and expands to a large one, it is a great reason to celebrate, but it also means thinking about furniture, office supplies and other essentials that are needed to keep the business running as smoothly as possible. The problem is that many businesses are not aware of what office supplies they are going to need in the long run. If you don't have them available on time, it can lead to work delays and affect productivity. Therefore, it is best to know what to get to ensure your employees can continue working without interruptions. 

Some of the essential office supplies every business needs are:

Desk supplies 

You have to start with the very basic items, such as pens, highlighters, tape, paper clips, scissors and a trash can. People take these things for granted, but they are very helpful in taking notes, being creative and going about completing your everyday tasks.


Sure, it is possible to balance the bank account from your smartphone these days, but your employees are going to need a computer if there is a need to perform advanced tasks or proprietary software needs to be used. Not only does it offer greater functionality, it also allows employees to store important documents and even backup their mobile devices. A wireless router and printer are also essentials in today's age for keeping devices connected to each other as well as the internet.

Apps and software 

No matter what device is being used, a few apps or software will be required for managing the business, handling tasks such as tracking client invoices or payments, maintaining a blog or website, doing your taxes, scheduling any appointments and monitoring social media presence. 


These are some of the most important business consumables that cannot be forgotten. These include notepads, notebooks, paper for your copier and printer and sticky notes. Your printer and copier should also have plenty of toner and ink so your pages don't stay blank and you are not left in a lurch when there is an important presentation. 

Office furniture and storage 

Is the office chair comfortable? Is there enough room on the desk for employees to work efficiently? Is there any storage space available where files and folders can be kept? You can eliminate distractions with the right furniture and storage cabinets and also helps in keeping things organized.

Organization supplies 

It is essential to stay organized because it saves time and improves efficiency. Thus, you need to have basic organization supplies like binder clips and stapler for keeping various printouts and documents together. Some folders should also be provided so you can keep important paperwork safely. 

Stationery and mailing supplies 

When you have to send payments, checks, invoices, promotional offers or any other important documents, you are going to need paper and envelopes. Yes, email has taken over this aspect considerably, but there are some things that are still sent by email. You also need to stock up on postage. 

Planning and time tracking 

Time management becomes more important as your workload increases. Getting a planner or calendar to hang on your wall or to keep on your desk can be useful for reinforcing any digital calendar you might use. Moreover, it also provides you with space for making additional notes or for reminders. 

Supplies for hanging 

Hanging calendars and reminders or bulletin boards are of the utmost importance and you should never underestimate their usefulness. They can keep you focused and help you in staying on track. 

Get these essential office supplies and everything will continue to work smoothly and efficiently. 

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