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5 Best Ways to Check Your Papers for Plagiarism

Mar 17, 2020 02:20 PM EDT | By Staff Reporter
5 Best Ways to Check Your Papers for Plagiarism
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If you are somehow involved with academic texts, you cannot avoid plagiarism checks. Plagiarism is simply the worst sin in the academic world. Of course, if you are a journalist, a blogger, a copywriter, you should also avoid it at any cost, but when you are in academia, you can lose everything due to plagiarism. You may think that if you don't copy someone else's text directly, it is not plagiarism, but you are from the truth. Excessive paraphrasing, forgotten citations, wrong citations, technical plagiarism - all that can kill your paper and even get you expelled from the class. It can cost you a degree. We are not trying to make you panic, but the truth is, no matter what, you have to use different methods to check your papers for plagiarism.

Free and Paid Plagiarism Checkers

These are the first obvious choices. There are plenty of checkers online. Some of them are paid, some of them are free, most of them combine these features. It means that if you need to make 1-3 checks a week, you can use a free version, but if you need more extensive anti-plagiarism checks, especially within one day, it is better to buy a premium account. When choosing a premium account, pay attention to what exactly you pay for. Some services offer you to pay for symbols/words, some for the number of checks, some just for a month or half a year membership. If you have not many papers to check, choose the first option. 

Checking Citations Manually

Even if your paper is perfectly written from scratch, but lacks well-thought-out citations, if some authors are forgotten and in-text citations don't have their "doubles" in references, the paper can be seen as technically plagiarized. To avoid this, you need to make sure all the information cited or paraphrased from the external sources is marked according to the requirements of a particular citation style (MLA, APA, etc.). If you are not exactly sure you know how to do this, you should address a professional writing service like WriteMyPaperHub which can write your papers and get them ready for the toughest plagiarism checks. 

Combined Proofreaders + Plagiarism Checkers

The best choice here is Grammarly and similar services. Here, purchasing a premium account, you can check grammar, style, and plagiarism. The system works well enough, we tested up to 12 texts with and without intended plagiarism, and the service came up with logical results. However, if you need to check very complicated Master's and higher-level papers, it is better to use more specialized and seasoned checkers. We would recommend PlagScan and UniCheck.

Your University Program

Most probably, your college or university has a contract with one of the plagiarism checkers (like Turnitin) or has its own version you can use for free. This is good news, as you will save money and also know exactly that the decision of the checker is final, your professor will receive just the same results checking your paper later.

Google Search + Google Scholar Search

If some parts of your paper look like you didn't do a good job in paraphrasing and you cannot find sources to cite fast enough, just copy several sentences, put them in "..." and use Google Search and Google Scholar Search. In most cases, you will find the source, or see that it was formulated similarly by other students. Keep in mind that it mostly doesn't work with PDF pages and screens in other formats.

Don't neglect to check your papers several times using different sources. It is better to write slightly worse essays, and leave some time for proofreading and plagiarism checking, than to compose an impressive paper and get burnt for plagiarism. Take care of your reputation and academic future. 

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