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Woman Starts ‘Sexual Violence Won’t Be Silenced’ Organization After Shocking Online Abuse

Sep 01, 2015 09:40 AM EDT | By Ji Hyun Joo

Olivia Melville became the subject of online abuse after a screenshot of her Tinder profile was uploaded on a stranger’s Facebook along with her bio that read, “Type of girl that will suck you dry and then eat some lunch with you,” which is a quote from a Drake song, according to Buzzfeed News.

The 23-year-old, along with 12 other women, have since started an organization called Sexual Violence Won’t Be Silenced, which focuses on raising awareness of cyberbullying and slut-shaming on social media, according to the U.K. publication The Mirror.

“One in four young women have experienced online sexual harassment,” the petition reads.

“There are currently few education programs in place that enable law enforcement professionals to respond appropriately to online harassment and sexual abuse.”

Olivia’s friend, Paloma Brierley Newton, reportedly stated that Olivia had been getting a lot of abuse via Facebook, both privately and publicly. When her friends started standing up for Olivia, the abuse began for them as well.

“Olivia has definitely been getting the brunt of it,” explained Newton.

“But we’re all getting messages. I had gotten so many friend requests [on Facebook] that Facebook asked me if I wanted to put a ‘follow’ button on my profile. As soon as I did that the messages came through.”

The petition that was started has already garnered 3,500 signatures and counting. The Newton Police have begun “their investigation into this matter.”

“If the person who reported this matter to police seeks further advice they are encouraged to contact the investigators,” Newtown Police told Buzzfeed News.

“As this is an ongoing operational investigation it is not appropriate to discuss the matter further.”

Along with her post regarding the new organization, Newton went on to further shut down online abuse towards women.

“This kind of behavior is what we call 'normalization of violence against women' and it is really really scary and damaging, it is the reason that every day our mothers, our sisters and our friends are killed by men, and raped by men,” wrote Newton.

“Every time you 'playfully' tell a woman to get back in the kitchen, every time you smack a girl on the bum because its funny, every time you make a joke about rape YOU are contributing to a society where unfortunately women are not safe.”

“I'm also going to shame this man, who aside from insinuating he is going to rape my mother, is also a great example of how NOT TO TALK TO WOMEN just incase anyone needed a bit of help. I'll also be taking these pictures to the police, be warned men, the internet is not longer your invisibility cloak. I am coming after you and I will not be stopped."

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