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Space X Reusable Rocket Landing A Success, Despite Adversity (VIDEO)

Apr 19, 2014 12:44 PM EDT | By Justin Stock
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Space X's reusable rocket landing was the company's second accomplishment on the third try Friday reported Friday.

"Data upload from tracking plane shows landing in Atlantic was good! Several boats enroute through heavy seas. Flight computers continued transmitting for 8 seconds after reaching the water. Stopped when booster went horizontal," Elon Musk, creator of Space X said in a post on his Twitter account following the successful manuveur.

Crews had difficulty testing the spacecraft's ability to land, and show it could be re-ignited and decrease its speed while heading back towards earth in another major feat because of rough waves in the Atlantic NBC News reported.

According to, engineers operated the rocket's return to the Earth's atmosphere in order to see how Space X's legs were so it spends less money rescuing rockets in order to use them again.

Just having the Space X Falcon 9 dragon spacecraft head up into space to put more supplies on the space station was also a burden from a helium leak to bacteria contamination.

According to, the trip is the third of 12 scheduled trips the organization's Dragon cargo spacecraft will take to the station, the first of which was initiated in 2012. The second came in 2013.

Six cargo pieces are also fastened, two of which to one of its compartments, which is something that has never been secured onto the rocket before Space Flight Now reported.

The mission is part of a $1.6 billion agreement involving 12 flights to put about 44,000 pounds of equipment on the station.

The launch was originally scheduled for March 16 until bacteria contamination forced them to delay the travels until at least March 30 Space Flight Now reported.

Machinists were worried the bacteria could cause the rocket to lose gas leading to greater issues for the rocket.

According to, a Multiplexer-Demultiplexer (MDM) backup computer mal-function was not picking up commands like it usually does. The administration is now expected to fix the computer through a spacewalk Tuesday.

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