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OOH Advertising: What Is It And Why Should It Matter To Franchisees

Oct 27, 2021 05:29 PM EDT | By David Thompson
OOH Advertising: What Is It And Why Should It Matter To Franchisees
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It's not uncommon for novice franchisees to assume that marketing isn't an area they have to focus too much time on. Between the existing reputation of the brand and the plethora of resources the company offers you to spread the word, you'd think that customers would come flocking to your storefront the moment you open. In reality, this isn't the case.

No matter what type of franchise you own, you'll need to invest a considerable amount of time, money, and resources into spreading the word. Ultimately, if no one knows you're in the area and open for business, chances are you won't get many visitors. As you develop a marketing campaign to boost your franchise, don't overlook the importance of OOH advertising.

What Is OOH Advertising?


What is OOH advertising? Out-Of-Home marketing is any form of advertising received outside of the home, televisions, smartphones, computers, or other mobile devices. Often referred to as a form of traditional marketing, OOH advertising is a critical component of your franchise's marketing success.

Types Of OOH Advertising


So, what are some types of OOH media? Believe it or not, there are plenty of options to consider. OOH advertising involves placing well-drafted ads on billboards, flyers, posters, bus and train ads, park and bus stop benches, and more. This type of advertising provides visuals for local consumers that can build your brand and boost your sales.

Benefits Of OOH Advertising For Franchisees


Why should franchisees consider implementing OOH advertising into their marketing strategies? The potential for growth is too good to pass up. Below is a look at some of the most common advantages:

●       Local Exposure - How do you get people in the area to stop by your franchise? You increase your exposure throughout your service area. When locals see your flyers, signs, and transit ads, they become aware that you're open for business.

●       Accommodate Your Target Audience - As data and privacy laws continue to change, and digital marketing practices become more invasive, many people are tired of seeing advertisements on digital platforms. OOH advertising is a non-invasive way to spread the word about your franchise without flooding and potentially annoying your target audience.

●       Standing Out From The Competition - Another advantage to using OOH advertising concepts is your ability to separate your business from the competition. As most establishments invest a lot of time into digital marketing concepts, it's easy for your advertising efforts to get lost in the mix. By integrating traditional marketing methods, you create another avenue to reach your target customers that's not overly saturated.

Implementing OOH Advertising


You've learned what OOH advertising is and how it can benefit your franchise, but how do you incorporate it into your marketing campaign? Unless you have an unprecedented amount of experience in designing and creating signage and vying for public ad space, it's best to outsource your needs to an advertising agency. They have a team of experts with the combined skills and experience it takes to develop eye-catching data-driven materials that help you reach your marketing goals.

An agency specializing in outdoor advertising can assist you in creating the physical content for your franchise that works. From design elements to placement, they can support you in getting your materials in front of your target audience for better brand recognition, foot traffic, and sales. As you search for the ideal agency, ensure that you evaluate factors like services offered, experience, product quality, and customer rapport.

The world of advertising is changing once again. While brick-and-mortar locations flocked to digital platforms to reach their target audience, changes in regulations and consumer preferences caused some challenges along the way. If you want to avoid the madness, separate yourself from the competition, and accommodate your target audiences, OOH advertising is the way to go. You can create compelling advertisements that are less invasive yet still attractive to potential customers that take foot traffic, brand recognition, and sales to the next level. 

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